Ogni trasformazione digitale ha i suoi compiti specifici.

La mia affermazione

Assicuro quanto segue:

  • Trasformazione agevole in un’organizzazione agile con processi digitalizzati e in rete senza soluzione di continuità.
  • Un modo di lavorare ambizioso, collaborativo e trasparente che motiva i dipendenti e gli stakeholder.

Selezione di attività e progetti

  • Leadership of the COO, CIO and CDO divisions with 300+ employees and EUR 80m budget responsibility p.a. in an internationally operating S-DAX company.
  • Implementation of a 5Y digitalization program for 1,000+ employees across 20 countries.
  • Reorganization of fund administration with 250+ employees for EUR 55+ bn assets.
  • Repositioning of a product, sales and service organization with 200+ employees.
  • Creation and establishment of secondary market trading for closed-end funds in Germany as a ‘market maker’ with a US investment bank.
  • Founding and establishing a digital platform as market leader to create a transparent fund market generating EUR 60+ million annual turnover and employing 100 people within 5 years.
  • Founded a digital platform for measuring, analyzing and applying lightning with patented technology and positioned it as a global quality leader.

  • Multiple recurring activities in companies of different sizes:

    Revision, modernization and expansion of the business model and introduction of the appropriate structure and processes as well as service catalogs.

    Introduction of established IT applications such as SAP, Microsoft 365, BC Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Workday and document management systems.
    Software development of modern digital platforms, customer portals and interfaces.

    Sustainable change management and agile project management.

  • Moderation of high-profile business events and business presentations for international audiences.
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