Jointly we realize your digital vision.

Digital transformation is not an end in itself.

Digitization is easy. But transformation is not. Digital transformation requires a holistic and sustainable approach.

It starts with an ambitious digital strategy. To accomplish this, the business model is designed to be scalable. From the customer’s perspective along the value chain. And the company is positioned in a more modern way.

Simply digitalizing is not enough.

Effective transformation requires a 360° design. For seamless value creation for your customers, partners and employees.

This modernization can only succeed from inside.

So you have to do it yourself. I will help you along the journey.

Execution is everything.

The digital target image is achieved through a triad of technology, organization and culture.

Empowering employees, organizing cross-functional collaboration, allowing mistakes but demanding transparency.

Surveying the business, developing a service catalog, implementing seamless end-to-end processes, clarifying roles and responsibilities.

Store data only once, introduce only one application per service along the value chain, digitally connect all stakeholders.


1 | I help you to develop your business model in a more scalable way.

2 | I help you to create your agile transformation program.

3 | I help you to realize your digital vision effectively & reliably.


Your entrepreneurial challenge appeals to me. My strength lies in collaborative implementation. This is how I ensure the success of your digitalization. Guaranteed.

I also have an excellent network of professional experts at my disposal, should they be needed temporarily to supplement internal skills.

Over three decades I have been 'digitally transforming' companies as a founder, entrepreneur and board member.

But whether in a small student company, a hyped start-up or a listed international corporation, the challenges are basically always the same.

Over time, I have been able to work out, internalize and successfully apply the essence of the digital transformation of companies, their business models and their employees.

In my fourth professional decade, I therefore actively support companies in successfully realizing their ambitious digital vision.

With enthusiasm as an entrepreneur.

With experience as a manager.

With empathy as a human.

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